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Increase your sales, gain high quality leads & raise brand awareness with effective campaigns across Google Search

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*Clients names are withheld for confidentiality

Client A

40 Qualified Leads

15 New Customers

€7,500+ Revenue

1,315.8% Return on Ad Spend

Client B

56 Qualified Leads

21 New Customers

€16,800+ Revenue

1744.5% Return on Ad Spend

Client C

95 Qualified Leads

27 New Customers

€39,000+ Revenue

838.7% Return on Ad Spend

What to expect

working with Apex

We want to set realistic expectations and then blow them out of the water. Here’s what you can expect:

3 - 12 month campaigns

All campaigns are minimum of 3 months to give us enough time to get you awesome results. Don't worry, you can try your first month risk free with no commitment.

Increase sales, leads and visits

Get more sales calls, inquiries and customers in the door with targeted business ads that help people find you and what you have to offer.

Results based on your budget

Like any advertising, your ROI grows as your budget grows. Don't put €500 into advertising and expect to get €50,000 back. Be ready to invest in your business and the return will be significant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with the means to spend money online can use Google AdWords, a highly focused kind of advertising. Even the newest company can compete with major international brands for a spot on Google’s main page.

You can purchase ads through Google Ads or Paid Search Campaigns to increase traffic to your website. Due to the fact they’re paid for, they are separate from organic search results. Organic search results are not purchased outright.

There is no minimum expenditure for Google Ads; you are free to start with €1 per day and gradually increase your budget if you wish.

We determine recommended Google Ads budgets after diving into your business goals, and doing in-depth research on keywords, target audiences, and the client’s product or service. After this analysis, we provide a budget recommendation that aligns with your core strategy and business goals.

What’s great about Google Ads is that you can choose a daily budget and can decide when or if you want to increase or decrease it as needed.

Unfortunately, no agency or consultant can ever guarantee a #1 rank. This is because there are many uncontrollable external factors that cause rankings to go up and down. Some factors include:

  • Seasonality
  • Competitors in AdWords
  • Google algorithm updates
  • Quality score

The best Google Ads specialists are always prepared to change or pivot strategies to keep their clients at the top. This means constant vigilance when it comes to monitoring campaigns – whether it’s modifying keywords, creating new ad groups, or more. Having a team who understands Google’s algorithm updates, has experience reacting to an ever-changing digital environment, and can dive deeply into troubleshooting will help improve your ad’s rank in search engines.

We consistently do A/B tests to learn what ads, bidding strategies, landing pages or keywords bring in the most qualified leads.

This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to discover what works, and what doesn’t. The idea is simple, take two different ads, show them to the same audience, and see which one performs better.

The data from the A/B test is captured in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Our analysis of the resultant data allows us to determine the next optimization steps in order to capture the most qualified leads for our clients.

Why we love testing: A/B testing is the fastest way to discover insights on your audience, your messaging, and sales cycle.

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